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  ::LONELY::   ::ANGRY::   ::SPANK::
  ::BOW::   ::BUGEYED::   ::SHADES::
  ::CUDDLE::   ::DIZZY::   ::DEVIL::
  ::DOMO::   ::IDEA::   ::LAUGH::
  ::EXPLOSION::   ::TSK::   ::HIGHFIVE::
  ::HUGS::   ::HUH::   ::XX::
  ::HEART::   ::LUV::   ::MEH::
  ::SHERLOCK::   ::SAD::   ::SHIFTY::
  ::BAMBAM::   ::SICK::   ::XD::
  ::SLAVE::   ::SMILE::   ::SMOOCH::
  ::STO::   ::STFU::   ::STUPID::
  ::SWEAT::   ::SLEEP::   ::QUIET::
  ::WEIRD::   ::WORSHIP::   ::ZEN::
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Gummies are used to add an additional touch to posts and other comments made on various aspects of Ordo ab Chao. Various options and styles are available to you and can be selected from the list of genres below.

Please note that contributor gummies are not available to all users. These are most often granted to those who have donated to the site or have been verified as being adults.

These specific gummies listed can be injected into various parts of the site. Simply use the names below and the system will replace them with the corresponding images.