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What is Ordo ab Chao?
Ordo ab Chao is a concept web-based chat system, which is powered by the Ethereal Realms script. That was originally based on two chat sites which are now both defunct. This system emulates what features and functionality those sites possessed while adding to the initial design and scope as time progressed. Over time the code base has picked up message boards, internal messaging, image/prose galleries and a social network interface.

Released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), this project also has the secondary aim of creating an advanced role-play and gallery environment that will can be shared and modified freely throughout the community.

The ER script has also moved well beyond the original mandate of offering chat capabilities. This includes the addition of threaded message boards, web polls, homepage management, collaborative galleries and social networking profiles with geographical searching. While these additions are not necessarily core to the role-play aspect of the site, they do compliment the existing feature set and provides communities a method of remaining self-sufficient.

Who manages Ordo ab Chao?
Ordo ab Chao is managed by Pontifex ex Machina, Cassiel, and Matthew. The 'Contacts' link on the left side of the page provides the information for reaching them.

Can I stop getting private messages?
Yes you can! This option is available through the 'User Details' portion of the site itself, available from the Portal. Simply look up 'Privacy Options' for more details.

Help I get an error when selecting a realm!
Certain personal and/or corporate firewalls filter out Javascript or cripple the code in such a way that it will behave differently then expected. 'EZ Firewall version 4.5' for example, will disable the virtual links used and result in a file listing instead.

The simplest way to correct this issue is to simply disable the sites use of generating Javascript. This can be done through the 'User Details' section of the site.

How can I post emoticons?
Visit the current listing of usable emoticons. In order to use them simply copy the descriptor next to the image and your done! The website is also useful for posting emojis.

Note: Emoticons are not available for use everywhere. If they fail to show up, it simply means that script does not support the capability.

How do I hide the date time tag?
The DATETIME tag works the same was the NAME macros works in the title field of your Puppet Configuration panel. You can alter its appearance as you like with appropriate HTML or CSS attributes.

To conceal it against a black background, simply set the font to black and size one.

To conceal it against a background image, select the dominant color in the image as the font color for the tag.

What do gummies do?
Gummies provide a link to all your user information you choose to make available, including E-Mail, Homepage, Instant Message Services, and an image. Gummies also allow for private messaging and ignoring.

How do I remove my gummy?
Removing gummies is a bonus for verified users, along with access to an assortment of contributor gummies. Verified users are patrons who have made a donation to Ordo ab Chao via Pay Pal.

If you have made a donation to Ordo ab Chao you will find a --none-- option at the bottom of the drop down menu for gummies in your Puppet Details panel.

Removing the gummy will place your user details in a link under your puppet handle instead.

My login does not work. What do I do?
There are a few reasons why your account may not be working as expected:

The first is related to an account going idle. Any account that has not seen activity within the last 90 days will in fact be removed from the system. In order to correct this, the user simply needs to register a new account with Ordo ab Chao.

The second can be due to a lost password. Ordo ab Chao does offer a reset ability for password, but must have a valid and current Email address for the new password to be sent to.

If you are having problems continued with your log-in please contact us and we will assist you with your account. Be sure to include your log-in name and the email address that you used to sign up for your account. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are chat preferences?
Chat preferences are different methods in which the user plays in a realm. The following modes are outlined below:

Basic Mode is the simplest chat interface avialable. It will work under a myriad of browsers even some which do not support images!

Framed Mode is the second generation of chat interfaces. This one features a posting frame and viewing frame, allowing you to type up a post and check for new posts manually from time to time.

Stream Mode is similiar in many ways to Framed, however the posts arrive automatically and require no manual request.

Autoscrolling Mode is an upgrade to Stream in which a user can opt to have the posts move into focus for them without any use of the scrollbars. The speed is entirely controlled by the user.

Why are posts slow in stream?
There will always be a bit of lag in between a post and its appearance to the screen. First of all even in the busiest of sites the script will only query for new posts ever few seconds, so a wait is expected in that regard.

However in realms that have less activity Ordo ab Chao will pull back and increase the time as to ease strain on the system. While this lag may be noticeable in such instances, generally the critical nature of posts being instant will not exist.

Why can't I select a handle?
You used to be able to select handles, manage them and that option is no longer available or hidden from you? Chances are that the staff of the site has implemented lock-down mode which prevents that sort of activity. Speak to them about your problem and see if that is the case.

Why can't I view a profile?
Before you can search for a user's profile, you must first have your own. Details from your own profile will be used directly in the searching ability for the site.

You can create a new profile through the 'User Details' section of the site.

Why don't I get Emails?
Ordo ab Chao gives the user options on where to send notices to. If a user has opted to keep it internally, no notices will be sent through Email, instead they will be stored locally.

On the other hand, you can also opt to have it sent directly to your inbox. A useful feature if you do not check your internal mail regularly and want to know when something new arrives to the inbox.

This option can be adjusted at any time through the User Details panel.

Why is my profile not visible?
Profiles on Ordo ab Chao require a certain amount of information to function. First and foremost location information is required else you will not be able to continue to other steps for registration until that step is complete.

In addition you will have to provide a default handle. These can be selected from the Puppet Management screen and will become your default avatar for social networking once you establish it as default.

Note: All new users will have a default handle created at registration time. This problem only applies to established users.

Why does the site think I am in X city?
The system users your IP address to determine where you are from. Now this technology is not exactly perfect so it may be picking up invalid information or reflecting the network you are on.

There is no need to worry, simply change the information to reflect proper information and use the map to pinpoint your proper location. While you can specify location like Antarctica, you would be best to avoid such places because you will not be able to find people close to you as a result!

Note: Sites such as Ordo ab Chao use debugging keys to lock people into a specific location. This is due to the fact that the site proper is non-functional and is not meant to be used live.

How do I create a realm?
If you'd like a room on Ordo ab Chao, hybrid or public, contact one of the admin listed here.

How do I protect a private room?
Password protecting a private room means added security from uninvited guests. If you intend to protect a private room called 'Secret' with the password 'safe' you enter 'safe@Secret' in the Private Room field.

This will create the room 'Secret', and allow only those with the password to enter. Note that you cannot password protect a private realm that already exists. Private realms linger on the system for 24 hours after last use, then expires. You can keep your private room indefinitely private by not allowing it to expire.

Are there 'Quick Keys' in realms?
There are quick keys in realms and by using the key combinations listed below, specific actions will be completed.

Note: Based on your browser the behavior may differ.

Alt+P: Sends off a post.
Alt+T: Selects the text box.
Alt+R: Refreshes the frame / restarts stream.
Alt+Z: Brings up the post zoom window.
Alt+G: Brings up the color selection chart.

When posting however, the classical TAB-Enter combination will still be available.

What is the [Attach/Detach] link for?
For those who make use of Javascript and Internet Explorer. There exists the ability to detach the Comm Panel from the browser itself.

Visually, it creates a new window, which is separate from the main post viewing area. This does not reduce functionality in any way shape or form and it can be reversed as the user sees fit.

In order to enable this option, simply click on the [Detach/Attach] link located at the bottom of the Comm Panel itself. In order to reverse the effect, simply press again on that the same link.

Note: This feature is only available for Internet Explorer.

What is the 'Post Zoom?'
The 'Post Zoom' allow your to increase the size of your posting window in order to compose larger posts are your ease. This feature also allows you to check for spelling mistakes and insert various HTML formatting from the click of a button.

In certain browsers, it is even possible to transfer a post to the post zoom in order to quickly post a reply and multi-task in realm.

Note: This option requires javascript in order to function properly.

Can I be both a mod and host?
In versions prior to 3.7.0 of Ordo ab Chao hosts could not be a moderator in another realm. This was restricted at the code level in other to prevent a conflict of interest.

With 3.7.0 and the addition of roles for moderation staff, this restriction has been lifted.

Why can't I ignore a user in my realm?
By default no host can ignore a user in their own realms. This would reduce their capabilities of actually being able to monitor a scene since information is missing.

However, this can be overridden in the 'User Details' area available through the Portal.

Why won't Tab-Enter work?
Check your Comm Panel and make sure that the TAB INDEX attributes for the buttons and links are not in conflict with one another.

If this is a recent change in which even the default realms will not work, then chances are an upgrade of a module has resulted in this failure. This can only be corrected by moving to version 3.7.0+ of Ordo ab Chao.

How do I use the weather generator?
The weather generate is automatic once you have selected a weather station with which to track. In order to do this visit the National Weather Service and find an appropriate station. With that information, input the ICAO number which is 4 characters in length and the system will automatically post that information to your splash page!


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